8-Week Intuitive Development Program

8-Week Intuitive Development Program

What Program Participants are saying:

“With Nicole's program, I was able to connect with my spiritual guides. It is easier now to get messages and for them (spirit guides) to get my attention. I can tell now when something I feel isn’t mine. I can now get clear information for readings. I was able to heal faster because I learned to deal with my emotions and ever since the academy I see numbers in groups of three everywhere (not sure what they mean specifically but I know it’s an important message).”

~Heidi, California



“What I learned with Nicole was not only how to expand my intuition, but it truly was a journey into my own healing and transformation, in more profound ways than I ever would have reached without you and your program. I am so grateful!! I love you!!”


~Jenny, Oregon



“What I learned was less of an expansion of my intuition, but a decrease of my doubt or inability to accept what was already coming through.  I learned to create internal space to receive messages and not to second guess them.


~Erin, Seattle



 “The program has expanded my intuition in many different ways. I started seeing things from a different stand point that I just wasn’t able to before.

It really helped me through a really difficult time that was so challenging in so many ways for me it gave me better insight into myself.”


~Ellen, Minnesota

"I decided to join Nicole’s Intuitive Development Program after discovering her YouTube channel and feeling enlivened by her incredible insights. Although I’d consciously been on a “spiritual journey” for a while, I’d come to a place in my life where I was feeling more stagnant, apathetic, and less encouraged by the day. I felt I needed a teacher or a mentor to help me get back on track, but for the longest time I had no idea where to look. Being lead to Nicole’s work was like receiving a surprise gift with a neat, shiny bow! All I had to do was reach out and receive it.

From our very first conversation I felt understood and supported fully, and believed that working with her would bring the renewal I so deeply needed. But I was wrong. The 8-week program did much more than just re-energize me. It was a fully and completely TRANSFORMATIONAL experience that I would have never believed could have taken place in only 8 short weeks.

The way I now understand myself, the creative forces of my life, and my connection to Source is so drastically different. Nicole has taught me techniques and strategies to free my life of unnecessary dissonance and struggle by identifying my Source Action Steps moment-to-moment that reliably return me back to a state of ease and connection. I especially benefited from learning how to understand my emotions as an indicator of any lingering resistance keeping me from fully accepting the love and support my Spirit Team always has to offer.

Nicole's program is much more than the “typical” program you might run across that only teaches the mechanics but neglects the deep spiritual, emotional, and mental work that must occur in tandem. Nicole guides you through the muck with a steady hand and an integral agreement that only YOU can decide how much you’re willing to commit to the transformation process and reap the ultimate benefits that result from your efforts to fully engage with the lessons she offers.

If you’re ready to do the personal (and sometimes difficult) work of relearning who you are and pulling up deep rooted resistance to the surface to be released, then you’ll no-doubt thrive in this program! It is a unique opportunity for total personal transformation that makes intuitive expansion an effortless and inevitable side effect. Nicole is an expert and deeply compassionate teacher that can help take you from where you are to where you want to be if you’re open, committed, and enthusiastic about the journey ahead."


Jenny's Video Testimonial for

Elevation's Intuitive Development Program

Intuitive Energy Sessionwork

"I have worked with Nicole over several months as I have been refining my own healing skills and understanding of who I am, the healing I need, and what I offer to others. Nicole is completely unique among healers--and I have worked with quite a few. Nicole brings to her clients an amazing depth of knowledge about the body (the physical), the path of our soul awakening, and the spirit realm she calls forth for each person. Her journey and education spans nearly two decades and she has seriously applied herself to perhaps the most solid understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection of anybody I have personally worked with. It is an honor to be able to work with Nicole.


As a guide, Nicole has really helped me to see my own gifts and true nature, at times when I have been unable to see for myself. She has helped me to honor myself by acknowledging my strengths, and because she has such a depth of knowledge, her insights have incredible meaning.


As a healer, Nicole is very powerful. Most recently, I signed up for a session to work through a very frustrating, perplexing internal struggle that had many layers, and which had really held me back. Nicole guided me right to a core issue with a relationship that had been causing the frustration, and showed me how I really needed to take ownership over ME, spiritually, and even get angry. She helped me realize that it was OK to be angry--because the other person's actions had had quite an impact on me for a long time. I'd never thought to do this--or about how healing some anger can be.


I am so grateful for this candid and very personal guidance, and for the healing I received, for I was able to end and heal the relationship in a new way over the weeks that followed. Nicole is an integrally connected, grounded, kind and generous healer who offers her clients just what they need at just the right time. If you are on a path to awaken to your own divine nature and spiritual gifts, you will love working with Nicole.


Thank you, Nicole, for doing what you do in such loving service!"

~Suzanne Rainey



“Transformational… The loving guidance and insights that Nicole has channeled have truly changed my life, helping me shed burdens not rightfully mine, heal my relationship with my son and open up creativity I’d suppressed for far too long. It’s a joy to work with her!"

~Jon, Edmonds

"Nicole is one of the most powerful healers I have met. Her past-life work is truly extraordinary. Not only is it fun--which it absolutely is--but it also gives me a new way to look at and quickly move through physical and emotional issues."

~Deb Blaha, Naturopathic Physician  



"Working with Nicole has been profound. She has guided me through the murky depths of emotion and pain into the light of day once again. She can always find just what will help something shift, giving rise to many "aha" moments and breakthroughs. With her help I have been able to transform, explore and gain insights that I never knew were possible! I always feel safe with her and trust her expert guidance. Her wonderful sense of humor, kindness and wisdom create the perfect formula for healing at a core level. A truly gifted teacher and healer, I am so grateful for her support and love. Her presence has changed my life for the best! Thank you!!!"  

~Erika Eddy, LAc    


''I would like to thank you very much for the session on Friday.  I was a bit stunned by the messages coming through, I have never had a reading like that before.  I do recall a message a very long time ago that came from a friend of her mothers, I knew exactly what that message meant.  I didn't even know at that time that that kind of stuff could happen and it set a very high standard for me regarding psychic readings.  You are the first one, since that message that I have trusted to this degree.  You answered a question that I didn't even know I would/could get an answer to.  Perhaps I am simply at a place where my heart is open to hear.  In any case, I admire your ability to provide an open clear channel."

~Shelly Boronda, LAc



 “Thank you for your help a couple months ago. It really helped me to pull my conscious thoughts together with my conscious one. I really appreciate it.”

~Carlin, Seattle



 “Nicole is the most gifted acupuncturist and healer I have ever been treated by. Not only is she skilled and knowledgeable, but I have witnessed her deep intuition and heartfelt caring. I believe she is a true healer in the deepest sense. If I am ever asked by family, friends, or loved ones for advice on who to see I will without hesitation say, "Of course go see Nicole."”

~Kristin, Seattle  


"Nicole Wane is an exceptional healer. When I met her I was skeptical of acupuncture and totally afraid of needles, but because I was fed up with my chronic joint pain I was ready to try anything. Our sessions were educational, professional and inspirational. With Nicole’s kind and skilled application of acupuncture my knee pain first diminished greatly and then resolved itself in a matter of a few months. Now I go for occasional tune-ups and any time a new pain starts to crop up just to nip it in the bud. I am so grateful to have Nicole as a part of my health and wellness resource team."

~Valerie Burlingame  

Suzanne's Video Testimonial

for Intuitive Energy Session Work

Educational Videos

“I love watching your videos! I think you do an amazing job of explaining everything. Sometimes I feel like people make it confusing, but the way you say it and the words you choose are perfect and easy to understand for a beginner or someone who already understands some of it.”

~Kasey, Energy Healer

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