The Coronavirus has Intention – Channeled Angel Message

Archangel Michael, Ariel and Gabriel come forth first with this intention: You have become more then you have ever been before and in our delivery of channeled message we wish to imbue you with support and care to nourish you at this time.

You all are pure positive energy to the core, and as you decipher trust you come up against ego ridden talk and intention. Those who want to protect you have the notion they can, yet it is your connection to the Source within that is required and faith in this that does truly protect you, always.

We can only remind you of Who You Truly Are, and in dissatisfaction you turn away from this Source conviction/connection. You must alter in your attunements to a higher frequency to allow your love to be understood. Love is always the name of the game here, and in this game of physical reality you hold so close as reality, we urge you to a greater perspective. You are the answer – the solution – you ask for. It is an internal journey that allows for greatest change for all on the planet and not vice versa. So, you ask yourself, what if this change IS ABLE? (I envision the entire world turning inward to prayer and meditation instead of chaotic reaction. Wouldn’t this be nice?)

To be a supportive one to others in this time is the answer as well, you see. To know those in the vicinity of your life are well and able is key. You ALL have the ability to care in ways that are positive – connected to Source – AND the alter. To love is to cherish. To love is to be kind. To offer positive inspired thoughts and loving perspective, as well, helps to diminish the fear that is CONTRAST to that which you truly are.

A virus has purpose of this sort, you see. You all fear illness and loss and shut down of life as you know it. Well, it has become your reality at this time to resolve this unending cycle of self-defeatism that you do not have power to change IT ALL. Nor are you supposed to, in reality. Life is an ever-evolving experience and to take ALL RESPONSIBILITY ON for change is a ridiculous notion. It is in this irony that clouded judgment takes flight.

Love those in the vicinity of you. Love all that you are able. Even allow the love of “what is” to be understood. The chaos breeds calm. If it is wished for it can be obtained. But what you must understand is that YOU ARE THE SOLUTION TO YOURSELVES FOR THIS.

DNA upgrade is part of this equation. Those that have been practicing pure positive energy connection and conviction have altered the course of things. We are now experiencing an influx of high vibrational spirits (your little ones) into this realm of existence who are eager to be free to be who they are supposed to be – The Ones Who Can Alter Time & Space Realities to a Level of Freedom Never Experienced Previously in this Physical Realm. They are instigators (at a soul level) of viral attack, you see, as are those who have altered the DNA (to higher frequencies) of their own bodies. You have done so, too, you see. When these messages come forth to an audience, it is intended by us to uplift the ones that are able to be uplifted and when you engage in this vitality of communication, you alter even more. This was the intention for this channel, you see - To be at EASE to a greater extent - since she feels the world at large from time to time with a ferociously emotional response – that which we have trained her to, by the way, in recognition and discerning consciousness.

You are ABLE, Dear Ones, to find the aligned perspective that can alter this plane of existence to a high standard of love, let alone you cannot. It must be a combined altitude.

So, be sure to be prompted to spend A LOT of time in your own isolation and own mind and find your way, you must. To proceed we do urge a conviction in knowing you have already exceeded the expectation you once began with, AND to proceed you need to BELONG to a world you admire, most of all.

We shall not give tips to do anything, as you all are attuned to understand what you must do. Look inward and simply ask and go with what arises.

That is all.

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