Coronavirus Rant of a Psychic Medium-No One Gets Out of Here Alive!

A week ago, before the cancellation of life as we know it, I checked the CDC website to find out that the flu virus has hit 33 million people this year and claimed the lives of 18,000. They were calling it a light season for the flu.

From the CDC, deaths and mortality rates for the US in 2019:

  • Number of deaths: 2,813,503 of 329.45 million (population 2019 census)

  • Death rate: 863.8 deaths per 100,000 population

  • Life expectancy: 78.6 years

  • Infant Mortality rate: 5.79 deaths per 1,000 live births

Source: Deaths: Final Data for 2017, tables 1, 3, 13 pdf icon[PDF – 2 MB]

Number of deaths for leading causes of death:

  • Heart disease: 647,457

  • Cancer: 599,108

  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936

  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201

  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383

  • Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404

  • Diabetes: 83,564

  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672

  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633

  • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

My point is that no one gets out of here alive, folks, and some exit route is necessary for this very natural part of life to occur.

We can die any day. We have no control over this. We may have the perception that we do, yes, but we all have this survival instinct ingrained in us ALL, AND when I ask spirit about this, they express that we each have an AGENDA for living. This is what directs us all, essentially, and determines WHEN OUR LIVES END.

In my time studying the afterlife and becoming a bridge between life and death (aka medium), it seems to me that dying is actually a release of all our worldly stress and a re-attunement to Source Energy (God, if you will). Source rejoices when we return to our true home. Still, at times death terrifies me, as we are so limited in our perception of the BIG PICTURE while we are here in our physical bodies, and this Illusion of physicality is just so damn convincing.

To expand on my fear of dying, I do get terrified that all my life and work has been a lie. That I only perceive spirit guides and angels because I am a creative human who had to take extreme measures to remain alive. That I grasped for a reason for being haunted by my family’s terror and trauma to be the blessing of my life.

The TRUTH IS that extreme stress and suffering leads to extraordinary things, OR it leads to utter disaster. IT IS A CHOICE!

On a personal level, I am angry at the world for lacking faith in God and not being able to know that there IS A BLESSING IN IT ALL. That humanity cares so little for one another and continues to react in this trigger of fear of the coronavirus PUTTING ALL OF US AT RISK by creating an economic crash that is unnecessary. That all who take care of ourselves are immune to the virus harming us, and that as a society we protect the ones who are either at their exit point, meaning “ready to die” OR simply have not cared enough to maintain their health in a pro-active and empowering way.

You may say I am lacking compassion for those who are immune compromised, ill and elderly with compromised health. Well, my multiple autoimmune illness and challenges with viral infections ALL MY ADULT LIFE have made me STRONG AND INDEPENDENT of the need for Western Medical assistance. As for the science, once you receive a degree from a University and are graduating as the Student of the Year for having the highest GPA for Exercise Physiology and a Minor in Chemistry (really any science based major), and then experience a complete failure of science to help you to even diagnosis properly your health issues, THEN you can come argue with me about how the science will save you. Empowerment is what saves you. This begins by:

1-Shutting off the incessant need to KNOW who is suffering from this virus (Relying upon the media for safety is a detriment to YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS)

2-Know that you have an AGENDA in this life to be trusted explicitly (God didn’t mess up on this!)

3-Rely upon faith in your body’s ability to guide you to anything and everything that can assist you in reaching this agenda.

4-Care for yourself exquisitely. Whether this is Epsom salt baths, much needed rest and unusual amounts of sleep, hydrating, eating a healthy diet, celebrating what is going well for you and/or exercising, discern for yourself what is energizing for your immune system. Sit in meditation and ask to be guided to this. Even if the angels and guides cannot be perceived, I GUARANTEE THEY ARE WITH YOU AND ASSIST IN ANYWAY YOU ALLOW THEIR GUIDANCE TO COME THROUGH.

Their guidance can come through a song that pops in your head. It can come in synchronistic events, urging you to trust in the universal love present here, always, it can come through in dream state and meditation (always when you are relaxed and AT EASE!!). It may come through repetition, as you are being urged to a specific action and however this comes through, it shall. Believe in magic and the love that abounds which is here to lift you up and guide you to your peace. Again, IT IS YOUR CHOICE!

The immune system symbolically (as I use this as my guide to heal my multiple immune issues), is your defense system. It is your army, your navy, and your air force. It defends you when necessary, unless you are in a state of fear. Even when fear is the case you are being urged to learn to defend yourself with CERTAINTY, which is to believe in your value and strength, most of all. Meaning you go from the state of fear to a state empowerment the moment you make this decision within yourself!

How at ease you are feeling allows you to understand who and/or what you are in fear of when it comes to needing to defend yourself. If you defend yourself incessantly, then the wrong defense is in action (fear-based knee-jerk response). Panic causes an adrenalin release into your system that creates a physiological response to elicit your body’s ability to flee. Known of course as the flight or fight response, yes? This is widely understood. So, if you are panic purchasing you are acting off this adrenalin response. The solution is to be calm. Self-soothing is an acquired skill that must be learned for many of us, as we are not given this education as youngsters. We are often taught the knee-jerk response AND this is what makes the food spill all over the floor, for example, or, makes us treat one another badly.

I want to know that when I go to the store my needs shall be met and that this utterly selfish knee-jerk response is KNOWN to harm US ALL.

So, please, if you need assistance in calming yourself or even breaking ANY infectious viral attack, there is HUGE SUPPORT FOR YOU FROM AN ALARMING NUMBER OF HEALERS PRESENT ON OUR PLANET. WE ARE AVAILABLE TO ASSIST YOU. We have dedicated our lives to knowing how to break these patterns and find health and wellness. Don’t depend on the Western medical society unless you truly need emergency assistance.

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