The Positivity Backlash

Becoming a person who focuses more on the positive is AWESOME!

Not only do you feel better, you begin to understand just how powerful the focus of your thought and emotions truly IS.

The only thing is that we anticipate things will go well and then we can experience what I call “The Positivity Backlash”.

Meaning, even though you focus more and more on feeling better and prioritizing acting from this place, AND you see better quality energy innervate your life, you have an increase in chaotic experiences. Meaning, your health suffers more or something devastating happens that seemingly defies your ever increasing state of positive freedom within. Emotionally, when this occurs, you may be at your wits end.

What the heck is happening?

Well, it’s important to understand what is called "the Receptive Mode”. The Receptive Mode is the state of ALLOWING Source Energy to deliver more positive and good feeling experiences, thoughts and emotions. This is a state of EASE, relief, or better.

Just a reminder that our Universe is a “YES” Universe because the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS responding to the focus of your thoughts and emotions. Meaning when we say “NO” to something, we are actually saying “YES” (we are attracting more of the “no”). There is just one exception – When our Source Within is asking us to demand our worth and assert our will in emotional expression and mental focus to a higher level of perception. Here our emotion MUST demand our receptive mode.

Otherwise, saying “NO” to anything is an inclusive vibration that attracts more “NO” - more of what we do not want - to it.

Let me explain further:

You are a Divine Being to the CORE, meaning that you have the power to harness this most powerful positive energy – that which IS Source Energy. The backlash happens when you are “off” in your ability to “receive” MORE. Meaning, although you create the “Receptive Mode” through your positive focus, there are points of focus that are NOT up to speed, and still harness fear-based energies. These are areas of major blockages within you that keep away the things you are truly wanting most. THESE ARE BLIND SPOTS. This is what keeps your ability to love and be loved from expanding and creating the reality you dream of.

This block is KARMIC, yes, it is. And as a Conscious Deliberate Creator of your Reality your Source Within, meaning YOUR SOUL, is asking you to step into a higher level of INTEGRITY within yourself.

Meaning, you must be upfront with yourself more. You have to acknowledge the right to BE YOU to a greater level. You must accept who you are as a Divine, Eternal Creator and able to create a reality you thrive in. And, you must be able to allow emotions that can be thought of as highly controversial to allow yourself to transcend this issue.

This really is the crux of the matter. You see, there is a Divine Authority within you that is seeking BALANCE. We all have an authority archetype within that wishes us to denounce false ideas of authority archetypes in our psychological make-up. What I speak of IS highly advanced understanding. Yes, it is. And to be able to transcend these blockages takes time and the wise guidance of spirit – of god, the divine. There is no possibility, in my experience, that we can make these serious alterations within without divine intervention. These blockages are patterns within us that are so set within us they take an outside perspective that is wise, unconditionally loving and supportive of EVERY AND ALL THAT YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE TO UNRAVEL THE DECEIPT AND MANIPULATION WITHIN.

I am here as a guide for this, you see, as a channel of spirit allies and archangels who are spiritual guides and masters in this very profound healing. I am a guide for those who cannot get past this “backlash” and are still in the conundrum around what god is truly guiding you to. In my experience, this IS a complete transformation in what we deem appropriate as spiritual seekers and healers and nothing else will do. You may try to attempt to skirt the truth and apply non-confrontational tools to harmonize, yet in my experience, god is asking us to demand our worthinessassert our wills – and stand up and command the right to live a life full of abundance and ease. This is the final and most challenging step to take in healing karma, in my experience.

This is why I have an 8-week intensive transformative program – because it is imperative to understand the process and how to navigate it as a unique individual. Not only this, but unraveling this level of deception within is much easier when you are guided by someone who has done this work and has been shown day in and day out for years how to harness your faith through it. The expansion of intuition happens as your awareness of Self expands as well, and there is not bigger expansion then in conquering these karmic challenges that can take lifetimes to transcend. We are at a time in our evolution where we can do it today! We have the power NOW!

Blessing and Light to you ALL!


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