Transforming to a Higher Vibrational Platform

Tasks of Daily Life as a Human Transforming to a Higher Vibrational Platform is the CHANNELED TOPIC TODAY.

Check in with inner self. Are you available?

What does this mean?

Are you cooperating? Are you aligning within yourself to BE loving guidance and light at all cost? We place it to those who are continuously clarifying what it means to understand the upgrade, you see.

You choose to BE more, love most of all, and BE WHO YOU CAME FORTH TO BE with EVERY action step that you take. Until you truly trust in every decision with yourself, will you question your action.

We see this as we look at spiritual seekers wanting to BE their very best, every step of their life path. The truth is, you can not fall off your path, EVER. You only can delay its realization and flourishing in it.

So, what is the most resistant idea with the group of spiritual seekers that wish to attain freedom to BE WHO YOU TRULY WANT TO BE?

Such a great question, you see. As we guide our one, Dear One, most intimately to realization of her TRUTH, it comes with unanticipated conclusions that go AGAINST the grain - that many spiritual seekers trust in.

So, what is the biggest discrepancy?

Well, it is the gift giving strategy, most of all. Meaning, those that seek approval as wise and worthy, valuable spiritual guides to others have an advantage. Yes, this is true.

You get to make the rules of spiritual connection. But, what rules truly apply? You see, this is the biggest discrepancy above all others. As we watch you all seek that which you are wanting, and some achieve their freedom, yet it is an uphill battle.

So, as we go along here, guiding and instilling this wisdom that wishes to be shouted, frankly, from the mountain tops, so strong, we must EASE you all to it. This is simply due to one word:


There is so much irony in self-discovery. So much disconcerting ideas that you have denied and then must realize you are most guilty of. It is the spiritual pursuit that humbles, most of all, you see.

In this, we want to say this:

You came forth to exercise your right to CHOOSE accurately, what it is you seek. To align with the loving wisdom within, it is most imperative to be most flexible. As our Dear One experiences, all too much for her taste, the humility of the spiritual path, she has come to a most high vantage point in ways others have not.

This is not said to make you feel lesser. It is simply the fact and one which is brilliant and worthy of our address.

In seeking purity, you must realize several things, you see.

Here they are:

1) Spiritual Truths come from within every individual ALIGNING within themselves with trust in divine energy and lightness of being. Heavy answers come from distrust. To be able to identify frequency to finer and finer detail is what the spiritual pursuit is all about.

2) You came forth for ADVANTAGE, you see. In this, it is your greatest asset to formulate prayer that ALLOWS whatever is necessary for advancement. This is most confusing, as you allow the divine to gift you with “need” vs “want”, and many have adopted “want” as most important focus. Yet, as we witness those seeking what is wanted, they often stand still in this pursuit. So, our advisement in this circumstance is OPENNESS. You must ALLOW the divine to gift you what is necessary to get what is wanted, and OFTEN, this is distasteful to your egoic mind.

3) As you climb up the ladder in vibration, please understand that to enable the “receiving” of what you are wishing for, your Divine Masculine Agenda must be utilized and allowed. So much of the feminine need to be seen, heard and acknowledged has muddied the allowance of her very much needed counterpart energy – Divine Masculine.

What does all this mean?

Well, your sacrifice is a HUGE aspect of this. Irony is a very interesting pursuit as the psyche seeks harmonious advantage and calming. To be allowing of your highest vibrational set-point to exchange freely in a most harmonious way, it is imperative to know how much you are adored, most of all.

To be free to allow that which is necessary to achieve this freedom within yourself, please know one more thing:

Your desire is a MUST, and in this, your NEED usurps IT ALL.

So, as you make check-lists of approved experiences for yourself as a spiritual ally to the earth plane, understand we revel in ALL decisions that you make. Only thing is, we want for you to OWN UP TO THE NEED WITHIN YOU TO DO – AT ALL COSTS – WHAT IS NECESSARY TO ASCEND THE LADDER OF VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY TO AN ALIGNED STATE OF EASE, MOST OF ALL. Ease is where it is at!

That is all.

May you thrive in your OWNING of the unique guidance within that knows how to attain this sweet spot in your physical experience today.

Blessings and Light

~Nicole’s Spirit Guidance Channeled Team

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