The High Vibration Set-Point is Changed!

This is an incredible thing, you see. In three readings this past weekend it has come to light that those that have been doing their inner work, substantially for years, are experiencing an extreme shift in this.

Meaning, that once you have attained an attitude of gratitude -continuously, consistently, indubiously – you have achieved a Set-Point of Upsweep to Higher Vibrational Platforms that is your New NORM!

No longer is questioning around “why” things are happening necessary for things to change. You simply must agree within yourself to allow your frequency to align in loving focus and positive solution to shift your experience most effectively!

Prior to this, there has been much soul searching to gain understanding. Not saying that inner reflection ends. It has just shifted to a much higher level of EASE, in this!

Are you experiencing this upgrade, too?

What an amazing blessing! Thank you for all who do your work and align yourself in loving thoughts and emotions, daily! It makes a difference for all who seek transition to a most fulfilling heart-aligned purposeful life. This is the RIPPLE EFFECT!

That being said, what does this mean for those that are in the middle or at the beginning of spiritual pursuits and uplifting life transitions and transformations?

It is a double-edged sword, you see.

Yes, pioneers pave the way and make it EASIER for others to eventually follow the same uplifting choices within themselves.

On the other hand, the emotion, illness and discord amplifies within those that resist the change.

Where do you lie in this spectrum of Lightness and Love Upgrade?

Are you ready to make significant change within the inner focus of your mind’s guidance?

Who can help to really shift you completely toward this inner focus?

We are here to support all those that resonate with the UPGRADE. It is most real, and it IS shifting this planet’s consciousness and vibrational expectation exponentially.

So much love is available to you NOW. Do not wait another moment reasoning for it and defending the right to be more, live most vibrantly AND feel your best more and more and more.

The time is NOW! BE that which you are wishing to BE, RIGHT NOW!

Blessings of Love and Light to You ALL!

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