The Spiritual Ascension Contract

Before I had ever made “contact” with my spirit guides and angels, I hoped so strongly that it was true -that there are truly Non-Physical Beings in our midst - Ever-loving, ever-present with us and here to guide us.

It did take my own leap of faith that the Universe was all powerful as a loving entity, and that I am seen by divinity as good to the core, for me to finally break through the restrictions of my mind and the Third Dimensional Illusion to ALLOW these loving Beings to guide me, support me, and co-create with me. The Third Dimensional Illusion is that this physical reality is ALL THERE IS, and that fear is more powerful then love.

Today, I acknowledge that it was the conviction of others that initiated getting me to this place of allowing these magnificent Beings to infiltrate my life experience and positively influence me day in and day out. I needed others to show me how much they trusted in their experience with Non-Physical. It also had to make sense to me. I had to see the benefit. I had to know it was the worthiest of ventures for me, and it had to speak to my heart and soul in a such a profound way, I simply could not deny I wanted it.

I am very thankful to those who have come before me as pioneers in mediumship and loving spiritual pursuits – for those who have taken all this to a heightened perspective of a loving knowingness - That it is most natural to be in continual communication with Non-Physical, and to trust in the purity and goodness of it. (No one I chose to learn from ever gave me reason to think it wasn’t the most loving place to focus.)

The best aspect of this all is the consistency in loving interaction and how this builds you up from the inside out to harness an unshakable trust. To be able to depend on the goodness of the divine energy that permeates us all and all things has been an essential aspect to making the most positive and effective changes in my life. It’s so easy to get caught up in negativity – in our past failures and injuries, in false emails and harassment we are bombarded with, people trying to swindle us, the news reporting the worst of life experience and seeing this trigger the people I have loved most to act in ways that restrict them from a most loving life experience. It sucks what negativity people are capable of and how many out there are disconnected from the ease of love and trust within themselves and they CHOOSE TO ACT FROM SUCH A DISHONORABLE PLACE! What can I say? It hurts my heart to witness all this. I am sure you feel the same!

I just keep coming back to the understanding that MY preferred experience depends upon me not reacting in a manner of "knee jerk response". Instead, I must remember that life shall constantly throw EVERY EXCUSE out there at me, NOT TO BECOME MORE and NOT TO TRUST in loving pursuits and ideals, AND in this, my job is to separate myself from this Illusion, because this is the spiritual test and discernment, always. This is where the reward lies.

I get how it seems that in this choice we most often feel we shall lose – THIS IS THE FEAR. It feels so convincing that it can keep us from acting in ways that feel loving and what is best for us. The conviction in trusting what FEELS generous, loving and like relief and EASE, is the constant test of The Spiritual Ascension Contract.

So, let’s discuss this contract further.

To me, this contract is about what you are aching for in your heart of hearts. It is what is pushing you to resolve the conflicts within. It is your soul urging you to find peace and ease so that you can make decisions from a state of loving pursuit. This is to enable you to create a life that satisfies you and is good to you. It also enables you to gift the world in profoundly, loving ways.

The great test is to OWN the KNOWING that YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE, again and again. Whether you are driven through the experience of opening to greater intuitive ability, accessing a better romantic life, attaining more money and/or more fulfilling career of job, or to be acknowledged as a talented and skillful person – your soul is pushing you to advance in how worthy and deserving you feel and acknowledge yourself to be. This is the ultimate test, again and again. It is so very simple, yet ironically difficult, simultaneously. The question is HOW to attain this higher state of worthiness and deserving a better life.

It is true that on occasion WE MUST ACT AND IMPLEMENT OUR KNOWING THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG AND NOT OKAY! The Spiritual Ascension Contract is not asking us to be doormats for others to walk upon. It is not asking us to surrender our certainty in our perception to others who usurp our honor and the importance of our love. THIS IS THE BIGGEST TEST!

As I understand how my deepest wounds are present to convince me to see past how others and myself, especially, keep me down, I am seeing profound results in standing up for myself around issues that simply previously, would not come to rest.

These issues nag at you for years, seething beneath the surface. You address them passively and hope they are done, yet they come up again when you fail to make advancement to the level you have been hoping. This is truly the KEY message of these debilitating issues. We must understand what they are asking of us, yet so many keep depressing this understanding as we may be tired on an existential level and deem our right to our voices inappropriate and hurtful. It just often feels safer to do nothing. Often times, those who are leaders in spiritual pursuits preach to us to be silent and only to harness the will of the divine to cure these conflicts – these spiritual illnesses - within us. When in truth WE MUST ACT! WE MUST STAND UP (as in these circumstances this IS the most loving and kind gesture to ourselves) AND EXPRESS HOW WE FEEL.

Such a controversial aspect to this advancement in our perception of what is right and wrong (interestingly, ethics & morality is a big topic of the Sixth Chakra, aka Third Eye). For how to speak up for oneself and do this with ultimate kindness has been a serious confusion for me in the past. And so, I do rely upon my Non-Physical partnership to guide me in this congruently with feeling my Inner Guidance Attunement. I do rely upon my spirit guides to navigate blind spots in this way because I have found this creates effective and positive changes. I do this until I understand the concepts Source is teaching me.

When is truth-telling kindness, and when is it harmful?

Like I said, I am learning, and I rely upon my individual guidance team for this as I check in with my Inner Guidance. So, in this, I want to pass along one tidbit of advice:

You are meant to be the authority in your life – to every extent you can imagine/envision. God is inside of you and around you, meaning that the divine is not separate from you, yet irony is a strong illusion which is often confusing. So, most of all, please know that your INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM is here to direct you accurately, effectively, with great wisdom and love. Trust in your Truth! Learn to open to its wisdom and effectiveness in getting you to what you are truly – in your heart of hearts – desiring most! To me, this is always the top priority every single day. To stop creating drama and distractions we must attune to our Inner Guidance System AND WE MUST ACT IN ACCORDANCE! To create what we are wanting we must cultivate this trust in ourselves.

I trust this brings elevation to your perception of what Source is asking of us all. That is all for now…

Love and blessings to you! Thank you for “tuning in”!

~With Love, Nicole

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