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Today’s Topic is Health

My Spirit Guidance Team, channeled, pose the following question and discussion:

When love drives your body to suffer, what do you think it is asking?

We put this to you in this way due to one simple fact, which is:

Your body is the design of your soul’s longing for what you are truly seeking. Here it can get complicated as you address your health concerns in a myriad of ways which elicit fear based practical options. This creates a loss in your true ideal of loving mastery, you see. What does this mean?

Love creates illness. Yes, we understand your resistance to this knowing. Yet, love is at the basis of all you experience. It is when you remember how special that you truly are that you find peace in your body’s experience.

We do not take this topic lightly, you see. It is just we have a differing perspective then the Collective Mainstream Consciousness around this healthcare issue. Here is an example of success in our approach…

Back to Nicole:

Due to my illnesses, I now am able to achieve solution to any and all symptoms that arise within my body. I realize they all have a message for me that I choose to honor in this way, each and every time. This has become one of my healing talents – to know what is happening to us all on a spiritual/emotional/mental level in regards to what is going on within creating illness and symptoms.

Chronic illness has been a struggle for me since 1999. Today, I celebrate the fact that I am healthy and vibrant – strong enough – to have successfully attended my second CrossFit class.

Yesterday I did my first Olympic Power Lifting class (one aspect of CrossFit). Even months ago, this was an impossible dream – or so I thought – to be vibrant and healthy enough to be able to participate in something like CrossFit. I literally spent the past two decades taking it slow and easy, as to not hurt myself and upset my body because sometimes even normal physical activity would elicit a negative and sometimes debilitating response. Yet, I have now finally reached the plateau in my health recovery training by Spirit Guidance Team, and I feel amazing!

Today I rely upon my healing talent to know I can overcome anything that arises as a symptom or illness in my body. In this, I depend upon my Spirit Guidance Team for solution, every time. And yes, it works on every and all issues that arise for me. (It is just common sense, though, that if you have life threatening symptoms and diagnosis, or need surgery, to seek valid medical attention. I am not in denial that some situations need severe medical intervention – and this intervention is a blessing to the core. Western Medicine is a blessing when needed.)

This doesn’t mean that every symptom spontaneously disappears. It takes time for some things. Chronic issues are due to chronic mental patterns that are stubborn to decipher, acknowledge and change. These are blind spots in our experience. They require openness to change – and really this is what they do – they push us until we begin to surrender the “Sword of Defense Within” that we carry that keeps us in pain. They are not joking when they say that love creates illness. We just do not understand the method and purpose. At least not until we become open-minded enough to know how deserving we are of freedom and loving guidance to co-create a loving life experience, thoroughly and utterly.

You need support? I can assist you in understanding just what is happening mentally/emotionally/spiritually that is causing your illnesses. I can facilitate this healing within you to become aligned with your Inner Guidance to be able to do this, as well. It isn’t magic. It is a natural allowance of ease that brings your body back to homeostasis. With training, you will be able to do this on your own. I provide this, beginning with my 8-Week Intensive Intuitive Development Classes.

If you are suffering due to Ascension Symptoms, which are created to keep you focused in your spiritual awakening, I can address this accurately and help you to attain awareness and relief in this.

When you need assistance from other healers that are more hands on – I can direct you this way. Natural medicine practitioners are available to provide an essential service for all of us when this is our preferred route.

If you need acute intervention, Western Medicine is a good choice. I am not in denial of this.

Please reach out when you are ready to empower yourself and gift yourself in this most loving and insightful way. Stop asking what is wrong and learn to open to the knowing that you are being directed to allowing your awakening to enhance the knowing you are loved unconditionally and utterly, in your suffering – including your health challenges.

Love and Light to You!

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