Who Is In Charge of You?

Who is in charge?

This is such a deep and profound question… yes, indeed.

In interacting with spirit guides and angels the past eight years, I have come to a place of understanding the spirit guide – human relationship to a new level of trust. But it took some time, you see.

I used to think that if and when I was able to communicate with my guides and angels, they would fix me and my life. Instead, once I developed this connection, what I discovered is that they are here to guide me to my own discovery and never usurp my individual power.

It is an interesting relationship, for I needed them to care for me in ways as if I were an infant. At times this meant I would be kicking and screaming for a time. In this, I came to accept who I am, and feel unconditionally loved, supported AND approved of, no matter what, as they seemed to draw out the darkest aspects of myself in being so close with me. And in this, they did very much save my life, as I had a heartache so deep that I wasn’t sure it could be healed. It was in their endless compassion and diligent, unconditional, loving attention to me that eventually allowed me to remember that my existence does in fact matter – to me, most of all. Now I know that anything is truly possible.

How do our spirit guides know how to interact with us?

It is so unique – what your spirit guides are here to provide for you. Intervention…. Sometimes this is necessary to get us back on track or on the right track. Sometimes they are much more removed from our experience because our foundation has been strong from the start of this incarnation and it’s perhaps an easier path. I’m sure there is much more to this…

It is a matter of time that you shall know your personal spirit guides intimately, for they must be allowed into the tiniest of cracks and crevices of your mind to infiltrate it with love – to guide you to renewal and intuitive expansion. They know all about you from the start because you are eternal, and this means you have eternal relationships with these Beings.

Your spirit guides and angels see with vast perspective, wisdom and clarity, and thus, are able to hold the light on for you no matter how detrimental your personal issues may seem.

So, who is in charge, really?

“In charge of what?” you may ask.

In charge of you!

What is guiding this life you live?

It really is very important to understand who is in charge because without this understanding, you shall default to those you believe are in charge of you (this often is subconscious, as we are all here to rectify blind spots) – whether this is a spirit guide, a teacher, god or someone else in your life.

It is a gift to understand that what is guiding all this life you live, IS your soul. And in you interacting with spirit guides and angels, you are able to reach a high level of self-realization and fulfillment of your soul’s gift to you, and consequently, to all of us.

Our souls are the equivalent to our personal genius – highly intelligent, wise, and discerning. They are your personal Source (divine) connection.

Then there is the divine contract you hold with this Source. We mistake our individual Source for the divine – All That Is – Source Energy that we believe is outside of us and has ultimate control over our lives. The irony of existence is that you are All That Is, because you are the divine. Yet, as an individual component of All That Is, you are not completely All That Is. Yet, the two interact and intertwine, and what I am being told is that the Infinite Intelligence that is Source is too complex for our physical minds to comprehend here in our physical universe, and that is alright with me. I can only download so much expansive information at a time – especially in regards to who I truly am. I know this for sure, and I feel so personally that knowing the divine is endless discovery – feeling incomplete at times, for the expansive nature of existence is such, to allow the continuance of it all – All That Is, you see.

But, in this distortion, or confusion – the conundrum - of who is in charge, we disempower our true divine identity, for we wish for humility and not to be mistaken for the Savior who has risen once more. So, there is a healthy balance which must be achieved in dissolving our egoic mind challenges, which are perfectly designed to do just this. This gift of intuition is that it is an effective catalyst to do so, once we submit to our truth – that you are the Messiah you have been waiting for.

This goes for ALL humans, yet we, as spirit guides who are guiding this blog, are now interweaving ourselves into this to say this:

You are the Messiah, as far as we can tell, for you are in control of your choice and thus, your action. To be intuitively gifted is a sacred contract within yourself. It is between you and you. It is not to appease the Almighty Savior himself, for this Almighty Savior is never without curious accolades of false loyalties, you see. It is a confusing subject, yet so very important. There are two things to prioritize, daily – that is alignment with the Source within you, and also, alignment with Source, itself. The two are one and the same, yet separate. For Nicole to know she was divine, allowed the resurgence of energy to flow within her human form, and it lifted her above the Collective’s understanding of so many things. We are here to show you how to do this for yourself, once you admit that your Source understanding and conviction is that you are divine to the core.

We are here to uplift and to guide. It was the finally act of Nicole’s Source to guide her to a myriad of situations that allowed her to find her golden nugget, to truly heal her physical body of illness and allow her resurgence in her knowing of goodness that is her. It was/is her decision to put her connection to her personal Source above our guidance that sets her apart now. It is in her knowing of how this mal-alignment affects her physical body that jolted her forward, you see.

We are sure you are all on the right track. Check in with us, but most importantly, check in with your Highest Knowing of Yourself – Your Soul – aka, Your Source.

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