Seasonal Changes, Balance & Phases

I love this time of the year when we start to notice the days lengthening. From the Chinese medicine perspective, it is the yang upswing – the expanding part of the yin-yang cycle.

This means the energies are moving from inward (yin) to outward (yang) and lifting, expanding, and changing in a most active way.

The balance of these energies within us is an interesting discussion in itself – when to come in and self-reflect is of utmost importance (even if you are what we call an extrovert), and when to reach out into the world and be a part of it more (most difficult for those introverts), equally important.

I believe one of the most valuable things I have learned from studying Chinese medicine, observing these seasonal changes within myself, and incorporating this thinking into my work, is the knowledge that phases are always happening.

People get stuck in thinking that "something" is how its always going to be. They get stuck in a phase and declare that it is a problem and label it. I go through a chocolate phase, and suddenly I’m a chocoholic or sugar addict, or perhaps its just a phase I am in which needs to be delighted in.

Thing is, I am in a chocolate phase, and even though my diet is what many would consider slacking right now, and ice cream is the worst thing I should be eating, I continually am losing weight and my health is ever improving. I am in the phase of allowing myself to make the decisions that truly delight my heart, you see. Yes, I was in a most restrictive phase not too long ago, yet it was only necessary for several months to keep me on track.

Thus, the importance of allowing Inner Wisdom to guide us.

We get so hard on ourselves for our choices – at least I have been - this endless perfectionistic ideal within us that is ultimately depleting. It is something I am being taught to minimize ALL THE TIME.

I suppose I wish to write this because I am seeing how most everyone insists that their diets are a key aspect to healing and transcending – also developing intuition. I get the importance of this, yet it was quite opposite for me, and still is at times.

Let me explain...

When I was going through extreme transformation into my intuitive gifts, it was necessary for me to eat hamburgers and dairy for me to stay grounded (because the heaviness of these foods helped me to stay grounded, as I was in continuous connection to the 4th and 5th dimensions, this focus of the mind was new to me, and this is what I needed).

Still, I heard a story the other day of a teacher – Reiki master – professing a vegetarian diet, and she has cancer. If she could eat some meat she will recover – is the message I was strongly getting.

I’m not saying this is the case for everyone. I just see spiritual seekers getting so hung up on this perfectionistic ideal – which is not at all what spirit is attempting to teach us. I have seen documented research where eating red meat 4 times a day heals cancer and on the other end of the spectrum it is veganism. And then, depending upon the individual, all places in between help heal the person. We are so individual and unique on this.

Yes, we must try things to get clear for ourselves if our restrictive diet is helping, through experiment. But if we are so mucked up we cannot tell, then intervention from an experienced practitioner who has been through the muck and the mire and cleared it up, is quite helpful.

Please reach out to me if you wish to get most clear on how to proceed effectively and efficiently with your self-nourishing behaviors AND get your health back on track. Set up a Free Strategy Session to help you get clear on what will help you most right now, or at least help to clear up the muck which is preventing this clarity from coming through.

This is my expertise – this is why I am here – to pass on my knowledge & expertise because suffering is something I greatly desire to relieve for others. I’ve done the hard work and one of my greatest desires is to make it easier for you – to make sure that relieving my suffering benefits others in helping you to do the same. I hate that humanity is so confused and imbalanced around health and wellness, and I love that you are here – seeking information to transform your health and find solution.


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