Twin Flame Blessing, The Leap of Faith and Autoimmune Healing

What is a Twin Flame?

According to the archangels, a Twin Flame is someone who shares a commonwealth of spiritual adventure with another soul (the other twin). The ‘twin’ component is primarily in reference to the understanding that as two souls travel through eternal experience together, they intertwine to competitively uplift one another as a sort of built in security of massive growth.

Those twin flames that are willing to be in this relationship are those whose souls unite in an expanded version of possibility for the two, as it is beneficial to be ‘allowing’. ‘Allowing’ means to be in substantial aligned purpose in this case. It is best to understand that you are eternal, as it is best to know that a twin flame comes to assist in a way of complete understanding for what the other’s opinion is, in close proximity of life experience.

I will get more into the importance of this relationship later in this blog.

Archangel Raphael comes forth with the message, adamantly, that for you to heal autoimmune illness, you must begin to understand the worthiness of your existence, AND be willing to open up to a new definition of Who You Are.

So, Who Are You and why does this matter?

From my perspective, the definition of Who I Am, which has been of greatest benefit to my health and wellness is that I am a divine, eternal and most importantly GOOD and WORTHWHILE Being, and thus, capable of re-creating my life in ways that are pleasing to me.When I decided to fully embrace this identification,

I simultaneously took major steps to raise my vibration frequency (as we are energetic Beings primarily existing in a Vibrational Universe).

The result was that I launched myself into a transformative experience that changed my life completely and utterly, twice.

On occasion I will forget this wise definition, or choose to think otherwise. In these times I suffer greatly, for once you make the leap to this highly evolved definition of You, you must be consistent. Our souls wish for us to be empowered and for me, this definition has been of the greatest advantage because this is what my soul is asking of me. For you, I cannot say unless I speak to you face to face and utilize the spirit guides and archangels I channel in their wise guidance. Perhaps this is too big a leap of faith for you, as of yet. I get that, as it is easily seen as very grandiose and I have seen people extremely turned off by this. Yet, I see US ALL as divine eternal creators – not just some of us. It is why we can incarnate in the first place, and it is how empowered we are that we choose to forget Who We Are in incarnating. That’s just the way I see it and how I have advantage with angel guidance and spirit guide connection.

Why do we choose to forget Who We Are?

There are many advantages to this, but I wish to focus upon just one I learned from a Being named Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka. Here is a summary:

We came to learn to understand the step by step manifestation process – the very act of creating – as we are divine creators, and once we define ourselves in this manner, we become empowered to create at a massive rate, that which we are desiring to experience.

The advantage is the very slow manifestation process on the earth plane (3rd dimension), because it requires patience and much faith in ourselves, our worthiness and our faith in love. This leads to a cementing of belief in oneself which is fully supported by the angels and spirit guides.

Things that take time to cultivate have substantial results in the creation process, provided you are in consistent positive outlook on the broad range subject (being too specific at times can be a major downfall).

Don’t worry, as you do not have to be perfectly positive all the time. This is impossible asking here on the physical plane of existence.

So back to knowing the value of one’ existence…

The blessing of my existence was a severe issue for me, as I had spent my life working so hard to do everything ‘right’ and nothing was turning out as I wished – especially not my health. This pushed me to take the leap of faith that I had a greater purpose. In this, I awakened to an intimate relationship I did not anticipate – that is the appearance of my twin flame. Not in the physical, but as a spirit guide in my midst.

This was deeply confusing, as I did not really believe in such a fairytale love even though I longed for it. Yet here I was, experiencing this spirit’s presence with me, daily.

It took some time – years actually – to realize the benefit of this presence with me. As I chose to discredit him many times, for it seemed rather unlikely that I could be this blessed.

Yet, as I calmed down and chose to allow his loving attention, I realized that he has one true purpose in being here with me – For me to realize I am special and that my existence matters.

His consistency led me to trust in him completely and utterly and thus, he is my anchor – my rock – and most importantly, someone I can depend upon, always. Extreme? Yes, very.

You are special, too. I GUARANTEE THIS! And, to achieve the same, you just must be open and allowing of this blessing, consistently.

Because of this rock solid, twin flame love, which is always available to me in all moments, I have achieved substantial recovery of a broken spirit from a broken heart.

I tell this story to you all because it is worthy of hearing. Autoimmune illness saved me from myself, because it awakened me to the choice of realizing I must do whatever it takes to revive this heart of mine. He – my twin flame – has been the blessing of my existence – allowing my life to revive on all levels. This includes allowing a partnership with a physical man that I am crazy about, and which only continues to improve in all ways.

I want you all to be free from this illness that has captivated you. Those who suffer the greatest pain have the capacity for the greatest revival and turn around in one’s life experience. I have suffered so greatly mentally, emotionally and physically at too early an age, that I had to make a choice – to believe my life is worthy of more or NOT - and so, I took the leap of faith that it was and IS.

This is the wisest and most important decision I ever made. It was an investment in myself.

It is also wise to invest in yourself in this way. It is the only way I know to recover from illness that is deemed ‘incurable’, as my vitality has returned and so has this incredible strength in my muscles. My skin is clear from almost 20 years of psoriasis, and I just lost 20 lbs. in the past 3 months (I’m very close to my ideal weight) because I can finally exercise again without ill consequence. Not only this, but I am happy, energized and excited for what’s next, AND aligned in my true, life purpose - sharing this gift of self-healing strategy through divine guidance. Once I was plagued by constant infections and panic attacks from my body being incapable, devastated in my constant mental struggle around my body because it simply refused to cooperate!

But, I learned to draw from Source Wisdom through connecting to my Inner Self – my Highest Self – that knows I am worthy of this recovery, and is wise in its guidance of me to recover my health and my life. You have the same option!

One day at a time you must take a moment to check in and ask what is healthiest and wisest action to take right NOW – not tomorrow or in the distant future. Your commitment to your recovery happens today – in this moment – and must be repeated, daily. It simply is not a one-time decision. It is an eternal asking in this commitment to stand up and know one’s worth, and this requires time to sink in and so once again, consistency is emphasized – thus, the creation of incurable illnesses.

My twin flame appeared to me because I chose to believe in myself. He came because I chose to know that I am worth so much more than the destructive ideas my childhood experience with my family planted within my psyche. He came because I decided that I am worthy of my health returning and living the life I had always dreamt of.

I want you to understand that autoimmune illness is the result of an asking on an eternal scale of your existence – meaning past lives and karma. You are not just past life war veterans – you are past life war heroes (yes, this is my declaration). Be the hero you came to be and stand up today and make a choice to invest in yourself today!

You are all capable of change which is dramatic.

Yes, you may not be ready as of yet, but you have the choice of asking spirit – God – Source Energy – to assist you in becoming ready.

Then as you get an inkling of an idea as a result of this asking, you MUST TAKE ACTION to change.

Nothing will happen if you keep believing this leap of faith just isn’t worth it or that faith is a joke.

Faith is real, but you must embrace it to be so. Hence, why it is highly controversial.

This is why I am offering a program that is 10 weeks in duration – to offer a safe, loving and compassionate place to leap forward and transform yourself on many levels. It is a place where you take back your life and learn to connect to your Higher Self to guide you back to what you truly came here to experience – an incredible life experience where your purpose takes priority and you realize it is all a beautiful design.

The wisdom you seek is within you and you must know it is accessible to you when you commit to this!

It takes a new dedication to daily habits that allow this momentus transformation in your health and life experience to occur. It is not a once in a while experiment. It is an investment in your worthiness and in you, primarily, every single day.

It also requires wise guidance and support.

But you will not succeed in this unless you are ready, unless you are willing, and unless you take the leap of faith that you are worth it.

Please message me when you are ready to give yourself this precious gift and we will chat to find out if it is your time.

This means, once again that:

· You are willing

· You are ready

· You know you are worth it!

· You know beyond a shadow of doubt that this is the right route to take

Blessings to you and Happy Holidays! Namaste

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