Healing Psoriasis

What I am most excited about – well one of the things – is that I have finally healed psoriasis after almost 18 years. I told my friend who is a naturopathic doctor and she said, “Wow, that’s a tough one. It’s hard to heal this condition.”

Yes, I know. I remember twelve years back that an ND I was visiting, with many years of experience, expressed that nothing would heal his own. The MDs just wish to give you cortisone, but chronic steroid use is not the healthy route.

What a relief, after all those years of itchy discomfort, pain and sometimes, embarrassing moments.

The psoriasis has been slowly disappearing over the past two years. When I reread my spirit guides analysis of this issue from six years ago (I channeled a lot of information around autoimmune illness at that time and then put it on the backburner), I knew I was about to heal it completely, as I have been laying down fundamental belief systems for my success, adamantly, for quite a while. The spirit guides express that once you do so and are no longer waiting for success to come, and instead are offering a positive healthy vibration in regards to your overall success, the skin will heal.

The skin resonates with our seventh chakra – the crown chakra. Symbolically, skin is about life purpose and feeling deserving of living a life of purpose, fulfilling our deepest desires and being fruitful and cared for in this. The body is a roadmap designed exquisitely with symbols of what the spiritual/emotional/mental aspects of the health issue are. This always amazes me!

This brings me to my spontaneous healing of a skin tag in June. At this time, I felt the resurgence of my passion for my life purpose and sharing this with the world.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, a skin tag is a small, benign growth of the skin, especially eyelids, neck, armpits or groin. The interesting thing about this was that once I was ready and decided to move forward in a new direction with my expertise, this occurred. The skin tag was located on the last point of spleen meridian (acupuncture), right next to where the heart channel begins (the armpit, and in this case, on the right side of the body).

This healing symbolically represents self-nurturance in gifting to others intimately that which is most dear.

Besides this it seems that for the first time in almost two decades, I am able to get back into physical shape through exercise. I can’t believe it. I am exercising six days a week. 3-4 of those days I exercise two hours (40-45 minute brisk walk, then take a break. Continue with a 15 minute dance warm-up, 20 minute core workout and around 40 minutes of yoga.) The other 2-3 days I am doing 40 – 50 minutes of cardio (walking, elliptical and bicycle). I have lost nine pounds in 4 weeks. (I also cut out all sugar.)

I had a personal trainer assess me a few weeks ago and she commented on how open my shoulders are. This is amazing as my arms and hands were chronically ill for about a decade and the muscles of my chest and arms and hands were so bound up. Now my shoulders feel free, and I am noticing how light and free my hands feel as well.

Number 1 Tip for Self-Healing:

Be easy about it all. Relax and know that your ease and self-soothing are extremely important for a significant improvement in your body’s health. Meditate every day.

I really wish to let you know how exciting it is to share my tips and secrets to self-healing. Be sure to sign up for my BLOG for continual inspiration in healing your immune system and aligning in your true heart of heart’s desires. We all have purpose and meaning. No one is left out. You only negate your value in your disregard of yourself and your worthiness.

Much love to you!

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