Healing through the Human Energy System & Channeled Spirit Guidance

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The Human Energy System



The Human Energy System - aka chakras, auric fields, acupuncture points & meridians - is our soul's recognition that all aspects of our physical reality connect us back to loving wisdom.

Believe it or not, there is an brilliant and wise design to your body's anatomy and physiology that is intimately intertwined with your soul's desires. This can be understood best when you realize that the components of the Human Energy System all vibrate to specific energy frequencies that link us back to this soul wisdom. There is a symbolic language at work here which communicates with us through our intuitive awareness.

In other words, the anatomy & physiology of your body is symbolic of the psychological and spiritual experiences you are having. The Human Energy System (chakras, etc.) is a guide to understanding the meaning of the symbolism as well. Illness arises to get you back on track and/or lead you to the lessons your soul is asking you to learn. 




We are all at our own unique stage in healing. Whether you are at the very beginning of your healing journey, or are at an advanced stage, I am able to facilitate your ability to achieve the health goals you are wishing to achieve. If you are at the end of the rope, I am able to bring you relief. Symptom management, relief & healing is my expertise, and I will give you tools and teach you to self-heal.

Sessions take place virtually via video conference call, which is recorded for your benefit, and/or, if you live in the Seattle area, can be scheduled in person. I look forward to the blessing of being your spiritual guide!

Love and Light to You!


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