ELEVATION's Self-Healing Mastery Program

“This program can be compared to a spiritual "boot camp". It is necessary to strengthen the most powerful force within you - your knowing that you are most worthy - to demonstrate to the troops (the defense system, aka your immune system) - that you at peace and so war is no longer warranted. This inner valuing harnesses cooperation and thus, harmony and balance."

Welcome to ELEVATION's Self-Healing Mastery Program Informational Page

In ELEVATION's Self-Healing Mastery Program you will gain:

  • A substantially improved mindset around autoimmune illness and the benefits of it - yes, there are many gifts once you understand how to attain them and what they may be - you may even discover your Life Purpose.

  • Self-reliance in implementation of self-healing practices.

  • Knowledge and understanding of what transformation is, how it is accomplished and the concepts, that when implemented on a consistent basis, cause this substantial change.

  • One-on-one intuitive coaching and guidance that addresses your individual blue print, identifies the most effective areas to focus upon to elicit positive changes for you and encourages you in a loving and compassionate way.

  • Empowerment - Once you understand the concepts and philosophy in this program and attune to your innate Emotional Guidance System, you will understand you are in control to navigate your life in the most successful way possible.

  • A powerfully written manual and workbook to engage you, educate you and remind you of all this. 





ELEVATION's Self-Healing Mastery Program has been developed in the aftermath of Nicole experiencing two major transformations over seven years. During the first she was trained into an intuitive energy healing gift and into understanding the process of transformation (previously she had little to none intuitive ability). The second sharpened her attunement to this process with added benefit of the knowledge of what has caused her multiple autoimmune illnesses and what to do about it. She has come to understand the chakra system profile (the human energy system profile) of the commonality of all autoimmune illness, and that is why the term Autoimmune Syndrome (AS) is used here. Each differing autoimmune illness does have its own patterning in the chakra system depending upon tissues and organs affected and more. You also have a unique individual blueprint intertwined in all this. 


Nicole spent a total of nine years in healing practice - three years working with clients and colleagues, guiding them as an intuitive energy healer once she developed her intuitive gift. Before this she was in private practice as an acupuncturist for six years, having a degree from Bastyr University (Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, thus the LAc title). Most of the clients that seek her out as an intuitive are amazing professionals at the top of their profession seeking guidance on how to further open their own intuitive ability and/or simply to connect most deeply to their hearts to live fuller lives.

Consequently, from all this arose an understanding of improvements in guiding and facilitating self-healing strategies which result in true transformation. Commitment to and implementation of the principles and tools is imperative. Most importantly there is a leap of faith necessary to create substantial change.

Thus, ELEVATION's Self-Healing Mastery Program was created. 

It is important to understand that this is not a promise of a cure for AS in any way, shape or form. In Nicole's understanding, living with AS is a daily commitment to oneself – a chronic commitment inspired by chronic illness leading to chronic lifestyle and mentality changes which significantly improve life over time. AS is a serious and most honorable spiritual journey that when approached in a hopeful, curious and empowering way, reveals the beauty of who you truly are and aligns you with your Life Purpose.

Individualized Program

This 3-month program is designed to work one-on-one with Nicole as your intuitive health coach. It is a course of study which consists of 2 intuitive coaching sessions per month (approximately one hour each), homework and ELEVATION's Self-Healing Mastery Program Manual and Workbook to engage you most fully. Nicole is available through email for support throughout the program. Think of this as a sort of boot camp to re-energize you to your truth and to the knowing that that your illness bears gifts when you empower yourself, elevate your awareness and learn to trust. AS has much to bless you with when you are open, aware and willing to receive its blessing. 


ELEVATION's Self Healing Mastery Program is for you if:

  • You are interested in spirituality as a means of understanding and healing yourself. You can be a beginner or advanced in this area. This includes being coached and guided by an intuitive energy healer. This means you understand that Nicole is a psychic medium. This means she has a gift to communicate, channel, receive insight and interpret guidance from spirit guides and archangels. It also means that Nicole has a gift of perceiving the energetic world. In other words, she is sensitized to the physical world and physical body as energy. These are skills Nicole developed through the philosophy, process and tools you will be taught in this program. It is a skill she developed to survive her own autoimmune illnesses. Thus, she is gifted in Transformational Alchemy and wishes to pass on this knowledge - this incredible gift - to you. Your illness is a means to transform your health and your life and to align with your Life Purpose to fulfill your potential.                                                                                                                        

  • You are interested in understanding the spiritual design - the human energy system design - of autoimmune illness. This is focused upon utilizing the knowledge and symbolism of the chakra system, auric fields and the body's anatomy as the road map to understanding yourself and your diagnosis. This is multi-dimensional, as it includes the common thread that ALL autoimmune illness shares (thus the term, Autoimmune Syndrome (AS)), the patterning of your diagnosis, your individualized spiritual blueprint of illness in this, AND, most importantly, how to utilize this knowledge and insight for improvements which are substantial and continuous.​                                                         

  • You are ready to implement changes which are substantial and continuous by fully committing to yourself. This commitment to yourself is necessary for transformation to occur. You must be ready to work hard. Positive results are a direct reflection of your efforts and your ability to allow changes.                                                                                                                                    

  • You are someone that believes in the possibility of recovery. This program is not a guarantee in eliminating your illness. Self-healing is a daily effort and commitment to yourself where you become dependent upon yourself through understanding and utilization of your innate Emotional Guidance System (EGS) and through tools you will learn in this program to manage and alleviate symptoms. This is about self-trust and how to foster this extremely vital element of healing, and thus you are fostering the knowing of your empowerment over the illness.                                                                                                                                                                

  • You are curious to understand the Law of Attraction (perhaps you already have a strong base of knowledge) and utilize this understanding to transform your health. The Law of Attraction, from the perspective of ELEVATION Intuitive Health Coaching for AS, is not just something to be implemented for your benefit. It is a law of the universe, and thus, like gravity, is always acting and managing your life. Awareness of the vibrational universe, knowing yourself as a Divine Being who is vibrational to the core and wishing to become an expert at deliberately creating your life are key aspects of ELEVATION's Self-Healing Mastery Program. These are principles that Nicole adopted to facilitate her transformation into an intuitive energy healer and thus are vital to this program.

So what will it take for you to take the plunge?

Are you ready?

    Chakra 10 

    Life Potential

    Chakra 9

    Karmic Chakra

    Chakra 8

    Talent Chakra 



     Crown Chakra

     Life Purpose

     Third Eye

     Intuition, Choice and Intellect

     Throat Chakra

     Integrity, Speaking Truth

     Heart Chakra

     Giving & Receiving Love

     Solar Plexus

     Self-Love, Self-Responsibility

     Passion Chakra

     Sex, Education, Money & More

     Root Chakra

     First Family, Tribal Belonging



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