8-Week Intuitive Development


Ten years ago Nicole experienced an extreme shift in consciousness that taught her how to open her intuitive gifts. Previously she had little awareness of any intuitive ability. Due to the extreme shift in her awareness that she is surrounded by Non-Physical teachers, aka spirit guides who are Masters of the Knowledge in shifting frequency to the level to allow this shift to occur, she has spent much time experiencing the consequences of such a deep transformation. 

There are many gifts in opening up to your intuitive gifts, yet it is also quite challenging. To be guided in a wise manner to this opening is a top priority, as this is a sacred right of passage to widening the scope of perceptual experience necessary to transform all things in our physical world. It is nothing to take lightly. So, as a first hand experiencer of this amazing gift opening, Nicole has created a program to safely open you to the understanding of such a massive transformation. 

More information to come on the details of this program...


Testimonial from Program Participant

“With Nicole's program, I was able to connect with my spiritual guides. It is easier now to get messages and for them to get my attention. I can tell now when something I feel isn’t mine. I can now get clear information for readings. I was able to heal faster because I learned to deal with my emotions and ever since the academy I see numbers in groups of three everywhere (not sure what they mean specifically but I know it’s an important message).”

~Heidi, Program Participant

Testimonial Video Below