ELEVATION's Self-Healing Workbook & Manual

by Nicole Wane, M.S.


This Self-Healing Manual is a hands of approach to mastering your ability to self-heal. When you are ready to introspect and commit to your healing in a a very pro-active and positive mind focused way, you are ready for this manual.

It is packed full of exercises & educational material, including a Secret Formula for True Transformation in your approach to healing chronic illness with  a strong focus on what Nicole calls "Autoimmune Syndrome".

There is also a strong focus of philosophy around the Vibrational Universe, Spirit Guides & Angels, the Law of Attraction, connecting in a powerful way to your intuition and understanding of the Power that Emotions play in your self-healing and inner guidance. Also includes a number of meditations.

Originally created to be of assistance to an online coaching program, Nicole figured out that in order to teach self-healing effectively, she had to switch her academy and program to teaching Intuitive Development, as she has experienced this as the basis of finding her success to not only further heal her own autoimmune illness, but to heal post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) & its effect on intimacy, as well as financial and karmic "flaws" that have led to this imbalance of serious consequence within those with chronic and incurable illnesses. Stay tuned for her next book on healing that will further explain all this through memoir and channeled conversation and guidance with her Spirit Guide Team. This will be highly focused upon the topic of the balance achieved in working closely with her spirit guides who have been teaching her how to gain awareness, build strength and balance the Divine Feminine & Masculine Archetypes within that our spirit guides are asking us to understand at this very pinnacle advancement in evolution of consciousness on our beautiful planet, Mother Gaia.

What people are saying about ELEVATION's : Self-Healing Mastery Program Workbook & Manual!

“I want to say thank you for your book. I loved it! It was a relief for me to read your perspective on healing and self-care, as I often come across other approaches that overlook the importance that emotions play in deep healing. I especially loved the emphasis on minding your own beeswax, exercising self-compassion through learning to put yourself first, and my personal favorite – not presuming to know what is best for anyone else! Thank you for your non-judgmental and open-hearted contribution to those who struggle with healing – this book is full of accessible and invaluable insights!

-Carlin, Seattle

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