My Story

Hey there! I’m Nicole and I do have an exciting story to tell. I went from living an ordinary life – to an extraordinary life.

Actually, I went from wishing I had an extraordinary life, to it really happening.

I used to be the kind of person that had a dark rain cloud over her head, following her around everywhere she went. I suffered for decades, stuck in a

cycle of turmoil, tragedy, illness and depression, hoping that a solution would find me.

Does this sound familiar?

Being someone who experienced extreme emotional trauma and multiple autoimmune illnesses prevented me from living my life to its fullest. I guess I am lucky that the illnesses hit me in my early twenties, because I had been so eager for a fantastic life experience, that I just couldn’t except that my fate was to be disabled for the rest of my life.

Ok, yes, I admit that once I made the choice to take a Leap of Faith that my life could be extraordinary, and, IT HAPPENED, it was a huge surprise. It surprised everyone. I mean, I went from having no intuitive ability whatsoever (ok, maybe I would have one or two intuitive hits per year), to being incredibly intuitive, virtually overnight – meaning I was and am still, in constant connection to the energetic, high frequency Universe and Non-Physical Beings, aka spirit guides and angels, channeling at will. These incredibly loving, peaceful, generous, approving, intelligent and wise Beings helped me to achieve my understanding and implementation of an exquisite healing ability. (This includes an intimate knowledge and perception of the chakra system.) And, because of this amazing shift that I made, I again, had to choose to implement the philosophy that caused my massive transformation into every aspect of my life, because I wanted to experience a massive change in it ALL. In other words, after what I had achieved, I just couldn’t go back to my old ideas of how life works, because they were simply false.

But all this just didn’t happen to me by accident. I wanted something to happen. I wanted to be happy most of all, and one day I finally committed to myself fully, and I took daily steps to make it happen.

Can you relate to this? Are you wishing for major changes in your life? Are you longing to be fully engaged in life in a healthy, happy and positive way? Are you wanting to step into your intuitive prowess?

It is definitely possible.

Now, that’s not the end of it. After experiencing such a remarkable change in my awareness and perception, my healing gift took me on a major journey into healing my physical/emotional/mental and spiritual bodies, again, and again, until I ultimately healed the karmic injury at the root of all this - a severely broken heart wrapped up in chaos of deceit and loss. I was able to heal this because of the love, compassion and incredible wise guidance I have been gifted by my spirit guides and angels. They literally saved my life. and my ill health has been an integral guide in this. This is because it is my main conduit - my catalyst - for massive transformation.

Extreme suffering led me to LEAP. It caused me to want so desperately a better life, that I would do ANYTHING to change. It caused me to stubbornly focus my energy on good feeling feelings and thoughts as a solution. (And yes, it led me to put all my faith in my belief in an ideal reality – Meaning, I decided to trust in a Universe (God, Source, Creation, All That Is) that is on my side and that loves me unconditionally, sees me as worthy, able and wants me to thrive.)

Consequently, my goal it to help you to attain the same perspective - that once we harness our intuitive gifts, we truly understand how much we are loved and that our lives are meaningful, without a doubt, for believing contrary to this is the main cause of disaster occurring in our lives.


I will train you into remembering and knowing how beautiful you are from the inside out, and assist you - guide you - to a better feeling NOW. This journey is transformative, refreshing and absolutely magnificent. It is choosing to take the Leap of Faith to allow your ELEVATION to new heights of awareness, wisdom, happiness, satisfaction and PEACE.

Are you ready to join me?

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