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ELEVATION Intuitive Health Coaching for Autoimmune Syndrome (AS) has been developed by Nicole Wane, MS, LAc and Intuitive Energy Healer to assist and guide you to transform your body and your life through coaching you to self heal.

In her own words...

Hello, my name is Nicole Wane and I am an autoimmune success story. In 2000, after almost a year of declining health, I was diagnosed with two autoimmune illnesses - Psoriasis and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. (At a much earlier age than most for thyroid disease. I was 24.) Over the next few years it became apparent that I had more autoimmune illness, the worst of which affected my nerves and muscles in my forearms and hands upsetting my fine motor skills combined with stiffness, swelling and pain. Having always been an athlete and talented with my hands, my life was literally turned upside down by all of this. ALL MY PLANS vanished as a result and I had no choice but to find a new direction. 

These illnesses appeared when the most profound relationship in my life ended, although at this time I did not understand the mind/body/spirit connection in illness and what it had to do with anything. Also, I had been through much worse in the years prior - very severe trauma. Ultimately, all this was all interconnected.

When my life turned upside down because of illness, I decided to move to the West Coast - to Seattle. I immediately enlisted with a Naturopathic Doctor's program and spent close to $5,000 for this expertise. 

It helped to some degree, but I was still suffering quite a bit. I must admit, looking back on all this, that I was searching for a different answer, and at the end of my treatment I began the Master's Program for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA. 

About the same time, because of debilitating symptoms, I had gone on medical leave from my job and was sent to a Physical Therapist who changed everything.

Not because of PT, but because she recognized I needed something more - or something different, rather. She sent me to an Intuitive Energy Healer. I think her specific question to me was if I was open to someone Wu-Wu?

Now at this point, I had never been exposed to anyone who was an authentic healer - let alone Wu-Wu. 

But everything inside of me said, "YES! GO!" So I went.

Going to see this healer was the most amazing experience of my life up to this point. For the first time I felt that someone was actually able to see me. I left my first session feeling HOPE for the first time since the tragedies of my life struck. This hope meant everything to me.

Fast forward almost 10 years...

I enlisted an intuitive mentorship program. I wasn't a bit intuitive it at this time, but I believed in the ability, though, because I had watched my teacher for almost a decade in classes and giving live intuitive readings. I was enthralled and amazed by her and so was her audience.

In many ways, my teacher was the ultimate blessing of my life up to this time. I had never found someone that I looked up to, and now I had. Ultimately, she had demonstrated to me a possibility of who I could be. Although I wasn't sure if it was really possible for me to be like her, I still dreamed of it. 

Actually, I wanted it more then anything.

Years had passed since I had first discovered my desire to be like my teacher, and I had finally come to the conclusion that this intuitive business wasn't my path. So I decided that the most important thing was for me to just find happiness and be my own inspiration, which ultimately meant to choose to be this in the focus of my thoughts.

So I focused and I focused really, really well, for seven weeks. You see, my motivation was tremendous because I was seriously miserable and suffering. I knew if I didn't choose a different way to go about my life, I would most likely die due soon to health issues and sadness. At least it felt like I would.

I focused on everything I truly wanted with my mind - which ultimately was for me to be a blessing. I can see this clearly now, looking back. I was able, at this time, to perceive a new reality - one in which I was thriving and love was all I knew and trusted. 

Little did I know, this focus of my mind upon what I truly wanted would catapult me into a MAJOR SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION. This was because the universal forces - aka Law of Attraction - always respond accurately to our focus. 

I know I have not explained the severity of my trials at this point, but I want to express to you something really important. That is...

The severe trials of my life caused me to want an exceptional life and to not compromise anything for this. They have caused me to reach for something greater than myself to be in cooperation with. They caused me to be open to anything being possible. And thus, in the following years my ability to perceive the invisible universe - Spirit guides, Angels, the Human Energy System (Chakras, Auric Fields and Acupuncture Meridians), as well as other Spirits (people who have passed) would catapult. This happened in my fierce commitment to myself to nourish myself in the forms of meditation, positive focus and others forms of nourishment. 

Fast forward two years....

My practice completely changed from the focus being acupuncture to attracting the most amazing, empowered, successful people who were interested in spirituality and expanding their intuition. I couldn't be happier.

So, here is when the story really gets interesting, from my perspective. 

I've always had this issue with striving really, really high. In my continual striving spirit revealed its masterful plan. What was this plan?

To extinguish Self Sacrifice from my tendency and from my heart and align with my true Life Purpose. This is the seconds major transformation I have completed.

Little did I know that this would entail me leaving my profession completely and searching for alternative possibilities for my career and life. So I took a three year sabbatical. 

What I've learned in this time is the following....

  • One is ready when they are truly ready to receive what they have been asking for. This cannot be rushed. If you haven't gotten there yet, there is still something substantial to learn and this is a good thing.

  • There is a balance which must be maintained, unless you wish for the Cosmic Hammer to come down upon your head.

  • This balance is really the pursuit of alignment, and thus, true happiness living in the moment and allowing the Universe to guide you, co-create with you AND allow you to say F*** off when you need to!!

  • Self Sacrifice is a HUGE issue among healers and those in pursuit of spiritual justification and service.

  • Spiritual Righteousness is annoying, and a problem because it is prevalent and it is born out of judgment of other people and their actions. If you think you know better then others... just saying.

  • You may think you know best, BUT, when you allow yourself to be invested in conscious relationship with Spirit Guides you must be prepared for ALL YOU KNOW to be absolved and replaced in a very slow moving life lessons being revealed. 

  • Trust takes TIME! It is gained through conscious cultivation, not just given away.

  • Love is really here for ALL OF US - NO EXCEPTIONS! Love is really all we need and what heals ALL WOUNDS (Disclaimer: One must be able to receive love. Most cannot - are not - able, and have no clue of what I just said.)

  • To heal pain, we MUST KNOW LOVE, and what this means...

  • The closer we get to realization of SELF, the more we are tested to amicable extremes - meaning what used to seem extreme is now manageable and we can see the Illusion of it. Still, it is slow moving process, and in this we MUST KNOW LOVE and OUR TRUST are EVERYTHING.

  • When you go through transformation, expect ALL TO CHANGE. These are good changes ultimately and must be trusted. It is easy to not trust this because everything changes. 

  • Dissolving the ego takes forgiveness, unparalleled. 

  • Being spiritual does not mean our humanity disappears. If you are still alive, you have something to learn and most importantly, TO GAIN!

  • We must make boundaries, even against the most seemingly innocent of us all.

  • When we walk the spiritual path, spirit responds with greatest muster to what you need most, and not to what you are wanting. Surrender is really important here. Surrender and allowing. 

  • You must allow yourself to believe that you are special beyond your wildest dreams. This is an awesome pursuit! BE WILLING!!!!!!!

  • There is SO MUCH LOVE HERE FOR YOU. It is difficult to comprehend at times, yet, in your willingness, you change EVERYTHING! You change the world through your example of kindness, generosity, compassion, understanding, knowing your goodness and the worthiness of yourself and others (ESPECIALLY!!), action based in authenticity, purity of heart and spirit - Can it get any better! or clearer?

  • Things aren't always what they seem. Trials and tribulations are the most important moments to choose faith and strengthen your trust that Love is Truth. 

  • Anything it possible, and probable - once you really believe in it. 

  • Dissolving the ego is incredibly humbling

  • Sex is really, really important to evolving - and I mean ENJOYING SEX!!! It is a blessing and it is incredible in grounding your mind (unless you have hang ups about it!). Also really incredible in fostering trust and intimacy when motivated in love based thoughts and actions. Positive sexual experiences CHANGE your LIFE for the BETTER!!! This is when, in your psyche, LOVE = SEX = Healthy Life and Companionship. I repeat - Sex is a necessary tool to succeed in spiritual evolution. It reflects, inhibits or strengthens your most intimate connection with the Divine. Yes, indeed!! 

I will leave you with that for now. Thank you for visiting my site.

Much Love, 



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