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About ELEVATION's 8-Week Psychic Development Program 

What Program Participants are saying...

“I got in contact with my spiritual guides. It is easier now to get messages and for them to get my attention, I can tell now when something I feel isn’t mine, I can now get clear information for readings, I was able to heal faster because I learned to deal with my emotions and ever since the academy I see numbers in groups of three everywhere (not sure what they mean specifically but I know it’s an important message).”
~Heidi, California

“What I learned with you was not only how to expand my intuition, but it truly was a journey into my own healing and transformation, in more profound ways than I ever would have reached without you and your program. I am so grateful!! I love you!!”
~Jenny, Oregon

“What I learned was less of an expansion of my intuition, but a decrease of my doubt or inability to accept what was already coming through. I learned to create internal space to receive messages and not to second guess them."

~Erin, Seattle

"It was a fully and completely TRANSFORMATIONAL experience that I would have never believed could have taken place in only 8 short weeks."

-Raven, Washington D.C.

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